#TBT R&D Maui Wedding (Destination Wedding Photographer)

2.5 years ago I had the pleasure of being R&D’s Destination wedding photographer for their Maui Wedding. Being it my first wedding abroad I was super excited to shoot somewhere other than my hometown Calgary. The gorgeous blue waters, the lush green vegetation, and the laid back Hawaiian attitude makes Maui one of the top vacation spots and for good reason.

I met R at the wedding show where we talked with such comfort and ease you would’ve thought we have known each other for years prior. It was a no brainer so we decided we had to work together. Once the arrangements were set and the days fast approaching we were all super excited to go away for R&D’s beautiful Maui destination wedding.

On the day of the wedding, we met the bride and her girls at the gorgeous wedding venue in Makena. The property had a cute Hawaiian style house where the girls got ready as well as an awesome private beach with lava rock everywhere.I was seriously in heaven when I saw what I got to work with:)

What I loved about this wedding was the traditional Hawaiian customs that they incorporated into it, such as the laying of the flowers and the blowing of the horn. All of it put together made for a gorgeous experience. The wedding was emotional and extremely heartfelt. R&D are just adorable and they just give off so much love and affection towards one another. I was so happy and grateful that I was chosen to be there with them. It meant so much to me. xoxo

I look forward to going on more destination weddings, so if you are getting married or know anyone else getting married outside of their hometown let me know!! i would love to come for the ride. Contact me here and I will accomodate you as much as I can
Wedding dress hanging in Maui Closeup on wedding dress details Maui, Hawaii landscape Rings on heart shaped rock in sand flip flop shot in Maui Bride getting ready in Maui Bride getting makeup done Flowers in vases Bride and bridesmaids getting ready Putting on the dress in Maui Bride and groom in Maui Groom sitting in lush green plants in Maui Here comes the bride Groom crying Kisses between bride and dad Ceremony in Maui Ceremony on beach in Maui Bridesmaids wearing coral dresses Groomsmen wearing white and taupe Hawaiian minister in Maui Dad taking pictures Married couple holding hands in Maui Husband putting lay on wife in Maui Wife putting lay on husband in Maui Sister giving speech at ceremony baby laughing in Maui Hugging sister during ceremony All the parents combining sand Closeup on bride in Maui Husband putting ring on wife in Maui Couple holding hands in Maui Pronounce you husband and wife couple kissing while walking away The whole family in Maui Bridesmaids and bride in Maui Groomsmen and Groom in Maui Bride and Groom on lava rocks Maui Couple kissing on lava rock Maui Couple holding each other in Maui Sharing a kiss in Maui Closeup of couple kissing in Maui 43_R&D_Maui_Wedding 44_R&D_Maui_Wedding 45_R&D_Maui_Wedding 46_R&D_Maui_Wedding 47_R&D_Maui_Wedding 48_R&D_Maui_Wedding 49_R&D_Maui_Wedding 50_R&D_Maui_Wedding 51_R&D_Maui_Wedding 52_R&D_Maui_Wedding 53_R&D_Maui_Wedding 54_R&D_Maui_Wedding 55_R&D_Maui_Wedding 56_R&D_Maui_Wedding 57_R&D_Maui_Wedding 58_R&D_Maui_Wedding 59_R&D_Maui_Wedding 60_R&D_Maui_Wedding

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