Downtown Wedding (Calgary modern wedding Photographer)

Being a Calgary modern wedding photographer means always staying current with shooting styles and finding the right location for the job. This is what was required for this gorgeous traditional greek extravaganza.

The day of the wedding was pouring. The only day it rained that hard since the beginning of the summer. I had to figure something out as I didn’t want my bride and groom to get drenched on their wedding day. I called around and than thought to myself how much I always enjoyed Hotel Le Germain when I drove past it. Never seeing the inside of the hotel I solely went by what the outside looked like. After a few phone calls arrangements were made and we had a solid location for the photos. I wanted to take a second and say how amazing this hotel has been and how accommodating they were. Their customer service was impeccable and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great place to stay. Not to mention the rooms were top notch with modern finishings and contemporary design.

This wedding was unlike any other wedding I have been too. Myself being born in Athens, Greece but never experiencing the culture first hand except travelling there in 2014, it was eye opening to see the closeness this culture has. The ceremony was set in this beautiful Greek orthodox church which was just covered in gold from ceiling to floor. The message the priest gave the couple during the ceremony really resonated with me especially a specific line ” Your home is your castle and you the king and queen of it. No one can tell you how to live your life but you.” the message was so powerful and truly resonated with me. After the ceremony we got to the hotel, after getting the family pictures done there I took the couple and first started at Charcut Roast House taking some pictures between dinner service with my gorgeous couple. I utilized the amazing lighting they had there and the wicked awesome cow picture. How suiting to have them on a cow backdrop in cowtown;) We than explored the hotel and took photos in various locations. What was so special about this wedding is the variety I was able to achieve. With the hotel and all the different spots within the hotel it was awesome to work with the surroundings and really capture some beautiful work. The photos turned out to be super modern which is a direct contrast to the traditional greek ceremony.

The reception venue made my jaw drop, it was absolutely stunning and very very greek. Loved the ionic and doric columns which make up greek architecture being used in the hall. The mixture of lights made for some beautiful ambient lighting and the decorations around the hall were just breathtaking. The reception was a lot of fun, from the amazing family speeches to the traditional greek additions such as the napkin twirling and dances it was a party for the books. Oh and if the reception wasn’t badass enough, T sang to his new wife in front of everyone and made our hearts melt. Like seriously way to show up all the guys in the reception;)

These two are very special and their wedding will forever hold a dear place in my heart. They are a gorgeous couple inside and out and their love is a fire that burns extremely hot and warms everyone around them. I wish these two a lifetime of happiness and health and look forward to seeing their family grow as they lead their lives with love in their hearts. xoxo

Thank you to the rest of these vendors for making this wedding as amazing as it was:

Venue(Reception): Greek Orthodox Community Centre
Venue(In-between): Hôtel Le Germain Calgary
CHARCUT Roast House
Dress: Blissful Bridal – Calgary
DJ: Andreas Sofocleos
Suits: Derks Formals
Cake: Effie Benekos
Event Co-ordinator: Kelsea Brown Creative Event Planning
Transportation: Executive Limousines
Catering: Roma Catering
Photography: Evolve Photography And Design Kalpesh Modi Photography
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