K.G Fall Boudoir (Calgary outdoor boudoir photographer)

Being a Calgary outdoor boudoir photographer is really interesting. You are a slave to your surroundings and work at the mercy of nature.  I absolutely love doing outdoor boudoir photography because I love incorporating the elements of nature and using those as a backdrop to beautiful confident woman. It also feels very spiritual experience in a way as you are becoming vulnerable to your surroundings by becoming one with nature.

When deciding on locations for this shoot we both in our hearts wanted to incorporate the gorgeous colours of fall somehow. That is how we decided to use a location close to Bragg Creek to achieve this. We drove down highway 22X and just looked for a good spot. This spot was fabulous as it had a forest next to a open field. We started in the forest as it was more private (As the first moments are the most nerve wracking) and than moved to the open field for the other half of our shoot. K.G was amazing to work with. She has this look in her eye that really captures all of your attention and captivates you in her gaze. One of my favourite shots from the whole photoshoot was the one when she is directly looking into the camera, its raw beauty at its finest.

I am extremely happy with this photoshoot as it was my second outdoor boudoir photography session and had sooo much fun shooting it. I definitely intend on doing more in the near future. I look forward to possibly working with K.G in the future, as she was an amazing model and so open to my ideas. Thank you so so much xoxo

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