C&C – Winter Wonderland Engagement Session

First off I want to say that this was my first time shooting in the winter, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT<3 We lucked out because the day of the shoot we had amazing weather, and shot with only our t-shirts on.

Caitlin & Cody are just such a fun couple to shoot with. They were cracking jokes the whole time which made for a lighthearted shoot. When my couples are comfortable like that, the pictures just turn out that much better. I also liked the variety we achieved with this shoot. First we started off ice skating on a beautiful community lake which eventuallylead to some shots of the whole family in Fish Creek Park ( when I mean whole family I mean C&C and their two cute pooches). We also made a friend along the way… A golden retriever that just wanted all the attention to himself. Mid shoot he came up to us on the lake and begged that we throw his ball around. When we were ready to head back we were confused what to do with the guy since he was alone without an owner. Finally he followed us down the pathway and ventured confidently into what we assume was his yard. haha looks like he needs to get out once in a while for some air.

Anyway I very much enjoyed my company with these two, they are just full of life and laughter.I had such a blast and cannot wait to shoot the remainder of their photos. This is what I love doing!



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