K&P-Maternity Session

I had the honour of photographing this amazing couple at the beginning of March. The moment I arrived at their home these two gave me a tour of their cute new home. They just got married last year, just bought and a new house
and are awaiting their baby which will be born in May. While talking to them you could feel the love these two have for each other.The closeness I felt was comforting and automatically I knew before the shoot even began that it
was going to be easy to get these two posing in pictures.When I began shooting I was right, they held each other like it was their last, they kissed each other so passionately and each touch they shared was an intimate moment.
We had a lot of fun laughing throughout the shoot by cracking jokes, it was definitely really easy to do my job around them:P So at the end of the shoot I wanted a bit more intimate shots since I wanted to show that love they
have for each other. Thats when I created the moodier photographs that you will see at the end. I didn’t give them any direction for these by the way it was like I didn’t exist. They were in a moment and I was fortunate to capture
those authentic intimate moments at that specific time. The photos from this photo-shoot just turned out gorgeous and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I hope you guys enjoy them as well:)



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