K&E-Calgary Sunny Maternity Photo Session

The sun the day of the maternity photo session exactly reflected the personality of this beautiful couple, happy and bubbly and just warms you up being around them. Thats how I felt when I met these two for the first time and took photos of them. These two are full of life and radiate happiness.

The day of the shoot was beautiful. We took these photos back in April and the one day we scheduled the shoot was the only day it was this warm and sunny. Its like it was meant to be:)The stars aligned and we were blessed with fantastic weather. Also K&E were so easy to work with. No matter what I asked them, without hesitation they would get into the poses and aligned themselves with my visions. Honestly such amazing clients and I couldn’t be happier with the results. We all worked together in perfect harmony to achieve the best results possible.

Since the shoot,  we have become friends and their family trusts me whole heartedly with taking their photos. Having clients like this is what I live for. That trust you build between each other and comfort to be able to do it over and over again makes me love and appreciate what I do. I hope to continue being in their lives and watch their family grow.

Congrats K&E and cant wait for what the future holds for us.


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