Zheng Family (Calgary Fall Family Photographer)

One of my absolute favourite times to shoot in is the fall. The sun is still warm but the leaves are starting to fall and the colours are just so wonderful and vibrant.

The Zheng family got referred to my through a previous client. We established a good day where the weather would be cooperative and we went out and shot their photos in the heart of Calgary at Prince’s Island Park. The location was beaming with life, everyone was out and about with their families that day smiling, laughing, and enjoying the last days of the warm fall we had. I had a really fun shoot with this family. The kids were great and loved having their photos taken the whole time. I wanted to get a really good mix of candids as well as posed family shots. I think having both shows their wonderful family dynamic and serves the purpose of filling frames on the walls as well as being showcased in family albums. Near the end of the shoot we decided to take the kids to the playground and get some candid shots of them playing. There was this tiny scoop spinney seat that spins due to the weight and inertia of the child sitting inside. We decided to put the littlest one inside and give it a go. She began to spin and she was laughing with her whole body. This made us laugh like crazy and we took the funniest pictures of her.

Thanks for the amazing photos family Zheng and I look forward to possibly doing more in the near future. Your family is a joy to be around and I couldnt have asked for a better shoot. xoxo

01_Zheng_Family_Photos 02_Zheng_Family_Photos 03_Zheng_Family_Photos 04_Zheng_Family_Photos 05_Zheng_Family_Photos 06_Zheng_Family_Photos 07_Zheng_Family_Photos 08_Zheng_Family_Photos 09_Zheng_Family_Photos 10_Zheng_Family_Photos 11_Zheng_Family_Photos 12_Zheng_Family_Photos 13_Zheng_Family_Photos 14_Zheng_Family_Photos 15_Zheng_Family_Photos 16_Zheng_Family_Photos

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