Panin Family (Calgary Family Photographer)

Fall in Calgary is hands down one of my favourite seasons. Its warm enough to enjoy the weather but the colours of amber are coming in full swing. I was able to photograph this wonderful family that I am close friends with and capture their sons 1st birthday.

Me and the Panin’s have been friends for a few years now. Our friendship is so real without judgement or prejudice. Every time we hang out we can leave off where we started and really enjoy each others company. Naturally when they asked me to take their family photos, I was super honoured. We watched C glow through her pregnancy and capture her maternity photos and we were able to do L’s 1st birthday photos. We love being there through all their milestones, especially to witness L’s throughout the years. As kids grow so quickly it’s especially important to capture these memories to remember them at those points.

The day we shot on was beautiful and warm. The park was busy as everyone was out and about that day enjoying the last bit of warm days we had. L was very curious and wanted to explore everything. This made it super interesting for me as I was able to get a lot of candid moments of him without having to try and force him to sit down and pose a lot. It makes it hard with babies and especially toddlers as they have such small attention spans. We also got a good mix of mom/son, dad/son, mom/dad/son during the photoshoot which allowed variety in the pictures. I am super happy with the result and I look forward to seeing this little guy continue to grow. It’ll be super awesome to hear the first words and eventually have conversations with him.

Thanks so much Panin family. We love you guys.

Incase you have missed it you can see the Panin’s maternity photos here


01_Panin_Family 02_Panin_Family 03_Panin_Family 04_Panin_Family 05_Panin_Family 06_Panin_Family 07_Panin_Family 08_Panin_Family 09_Panin_Family 10_Panin_Family 11_Panin_Family 12_Panin_Family 13_Panin_Family 14_Panin_Family 15_Panin_Family 16_Panin_Family 17_Panin_Family

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