What they’re Saying (client testimonial)

I do photography because I love providing clients with affordable photography that captures raw emotion and memories for life. Its such a satisfying and humbling profession and I couldn’t be happier to do what I do.

I just recently shot D&T engagement pictures and was surprised to receive this beautiful email in my inbox this afternoon containing a client testimonial. I almost cried thats how much it moved me to read this<3



“We had our engagement photos taken mid October with Marta from Evolve Photography & Design and could not be any happier with her work.  Not only did we get to see a few edited pictures within hours from our photoshoot (as Marta will post sneak peeks for you on Facebook which got us really excited), but she made us feel really comfortable in front of the camera and help cue us into poses when needed. Being individuals who haven’t had a professional photo shoot before, we left our photo session that day feeling extremely excited and eager to get our pictures. Marta also has a wonderful assistant she brings with her to help keep traffic out of your pictures and make the day run smooth, so that she can completely focus on the couple. We also received all our pictures perfectly packaged up in a timely manner, and found that not only did we love our edited pics but we absolutely LOVED our unedited pics just as much.  We are so excited for our wedding day knowing that one of the biggest parts of our day is well taken care of. Thank you Marta for making this such a wonderful and positive experience for us, and for always being so approachable!” -Debbie Kliamenakis and Tyler Barron

I want to thank you guys for putting faith in me and booking me for such an important time in your lives. I had an absolute blast shooting you guys and am so so excited for the wedding day.




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