Autumn Song (Calgary Engagement Photographer)

I had the pleasure of shooting these two lovebirds back in October and had such a blast doing it!

I actually knew Debbie from high school and she has always been a kind hearted, caring individual. She was always there when you needed her and extremely loyal to her friends. I think she will make a great wife because you need all those things to care for another person and put their needs above your own. You two will make each other very happy and I am excited for what the future brings for you both.

We had such a good time shooting, and we laughed a lot! These two are a blast and I can only imagine how full of energy their wedding party will be;) We walked around Prince’s Island park looking for good locations to shoot. We ventured into the island when we found a gorgeous wooded area¬†full of birch. This added a nice monotone effect to the pictures and made them very neutral. It also added nice texture in the background along with the city skyline. The light was low that day so the couple had a nice aura behind them.

I am extremely happy with the photos and cannot wait for these two wedding. Its going to be one hell of a party!


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