Raving Reviews about Evolve

I awoke this morning to crazy awesome Raving Reviews written about Evolve by the super talented Six Foot Canasian!!! Calgary’s local blogger. Reading the article really made me happy I chose photography as a career. It is what I am meant to do and what makes me and my clients happy. It was awesome getting an outside perspective about what it’s like working with me. I am always looking for better ways to make my clients comfortable or feel relaxed.

When you have a moment you should read my article here as well as other amazing articles about local Calgary companies.

My article can be found here


Anejo YYC

Sticky Ricky’s YYC

Family Squeezed Lemonade YYC

Hip Image YYC

Silverado Sports Therapy YYC

My Body Couture YYC

Hearts Choices Vegan Cafe YYC


You should follow Sixfootcanasian as she will continue to post fun fresh experiences about local vendors in and around Calgary. Who knows when she might stop by your shop and write about you.




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