Minty Fresh (Calgary Summer Wedding Photographer)

As one of Calgary’s summer wedding photographers I depend on the weather to capture the right feel for the day. Sure there are some indoor venues in the city however nothing matches the quality you get with just the right kind of light on a beautiful day.

I was referred J&R by another couple that I shot a while back.Photographing these two is a dream come true. They are so amazing together, and they just fit in every single way. When J&R booked me they had me for engagement photos, and the wedding day.

As they were planning to have more of an outdoorsy feel to their wedding the engagement photos took place on Stephen Ave. For the wedding day we went to Fish Creek park right by the red barn and shot in and around there, giving them a contrast of subject matter compared to their engagement photos.

The day couldn’t have gone better than it had. Everything went according to plan and everything was thought out to a tee. I was a really big fan of the wedding colours as they were just so fresh and vibrant. Plus mint green is kind off one of my favourite colours. Love it. When I arrived at J &R’s place I got in to a beautifully made up Jen, whose stylist name was Erin from Madd Pretty . The girls did a fantastic job with Jens hair and makeup, she looked like a princess that day. I also met Jen’s family which turns out her dad is polish like me, so we definitely shared the same sense of humour;)

We went upstairs to put J’s dress on, the dress was beautiful with lots of lace but a fit a flare shape. Once she got the dress on we hung around the house a little bit and took some photos of her and the girls before heading out to see the guys.

The guys were already at the church so we snapped some ones of all the guys goofing off together. We also captured some of R and his mom and those photos were awesome because it showed the emotions she was going through watching her now grown up boy moments before marrying the love of his life.

The ceremony was beautiful, in a gorgeous little church in Bonavista. I recognized that church as I shot one of my very first photoshoots there. Crazy.

After the ceremony we took some quick snaps of all the family and were off to do the bride and groom and wedding party pictures. The clouds were looking super mean that day, but determined we decided to give the location in mind a chance. Thank god we did! The weather right before the storm proved for some amazing captures, with the sky dramatic and the light beautiful. We couldn’t have asked for better weather and it wasn’t overly hot either. I had this idea to do a shot from below the hill so I got J&R to climb the hill and I signalled them when I would take the photo. I than rushed to the top of the hill to meet them and take some more pictures up there. I was in the middle of taking a photo and I felt a sting. The sting started to get stronger and stronger so I looked down to the location of the sting which was my calve and saw the bugger who attacked me. I stepped on a wasps nest and wasps were flying out of their hole super angry. Myself and the groom got stung, I felt so terrible especially since it was on his wedding day. We ran for our lives and out of the chaos. Once we got to safety we gathered ourselves nursed the stings and went back to picture taking. My couple was such troopers and I commend them for it:) We got down from the hill and met the rest of the bridal party. We did some fun shots altogether and once time was up we headed for the reception.

The reception was held at the beautiful Blue Devil Golf Course in Chaparral Valley. Gorgeous venue with lots of windows, in the quaint and quiet valley makes this venue especially suited for weddings. The reception was a ton of fun, the bride and grooms families are absolutely hilarious. There were tons of laughs and the grooms dad topped the night off with a poem he wrote for the two of them.

Such a great day I was so happy to be a part of these two’s year of planning and I look forward to their future and many beautiful babies;)

Here is also a list of vendors that made the day even better:

Hair&Makeup: Madd Pretty
Flowers: Funky Petals on Seton
Suits: Moores
Dress: Ethos Bridal
Venue/Catering: Blue Devil Golf Club
Photography Evolve Photography And Design
Cake: Cake Bake Shoppe Inc.


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