A.K Boudoir (Outdoor Boudoir Photographer)

Me and this beauty met through a past client that I shot as she was recommended by her sister. A.K contacted me and told me she wanted to shoot some sexy photos for her man for their wedding gift. As a boudoir photographer I am always looking to push the envelope to see how creative my shoots can get. Luckily for me A.K was more than willing to do an outdoor boudoir session, so we set a date in the summertime and hoped that the Calgary rain wouldn’t spoil the fun. When deciding on a location I took into account what A.K interests were. She told me her and her man were getting married on a farm and that they were very much into the country lifestyle. I took this as an opportunity as an outdoor boudoir photographer would and decided on a nice quaint little town outside of Calgary city limits called DeWinton.

The shoot went off to a funny start. We hit the railroad tracks in behind an old mill and I got A.K undressing right away. She was a real trooper not only was there garbage and glass underneath her feet there were old men doing work in their yards. We were trying to tuck away from prying eyes as much as possible but I am sure there were a few looks directed our way. As the photoshoot continued A.K got more comfortable and was really a great model. She was very natural in the photos and her poses did not look uncomfortable, I am hoping our laughter that day contributed to that.

What really excited me about the result of these photos were the deep and rich colours of the surroundings. Having the railway to work with, the mill and the back of some decrepit buildings made for truly amazing pictures. The weather couldn’t have worked out better either, allowing us to truly enjoy the shoot without rush or worry.

Thank you so much A.K for trusting me with your photos and having such an open mind about the whole shoot.
You truly rock girl

xoxo Your Outdoor Boudoir Photographer
Marta T

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