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I love shooting Family Portraits as they act as a memory frozen in time. These portraits are than good gateways to look back on years from now to see how the kids have grown, where the family lived at them time, and even what the fashion style was at that point.

The day started out beautifully with the sun at the highest point in the sky but the crisp cool winter air hitting our faces. That morning hor frost covered all the trees and pieces of grass on the property. It was like a postcard view, a photographers dreamscape. It was one of the most beautiful days of the year by far. I had the chance to shoot on a day like this. My face was smiling uncontrollably from ear to ear and I was just so excited to get this shoot on the way.

I got to shoot this wonderful family right before Christmas on their property in Okotoks. This was probably one of the most relaxed and laid back shoots I have ever done. I pretty much was like a fly on the wall and followed them around their gorgeous property and I got a chance to take a lot of candid in the moment type shots. This family is the definition of family bond. They have such a close relationship with each other and each and one of them radiate true love towards one another with their expressions. I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to capture those moments of laughter between them and provide them with photos they can cherish for a lifetime.

Another thing that made this day extremely special and at that moment we did not know it quite yet. We were pregnant with our first baby. Colin wanted to take a photo of me and my husband next to a gorgeous tree on the property that looked super spikey from all the frost. That photo is by far one of my favourites that me and my husband have together. Long behold we found out we were pregnant just a few weeks later, but we traced back to date of that photo and that was one of the first moments of pregnancy. So not only was this shoot one of my most memorable because of the gorgeous landscape and family but we had alittle life growing inside of us at that moment.

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Family Portraits in Winter Family Portraits Photographer Okotoks 03_Winter_Family_Photography_YYC Grandma walking and smiling Family sitting by the fire Mom, Grandma, and Dad Family Portrait of 4 Family Portrait in the forest with hor frost Family posing while snowing Calgary Family Portrait in Woods Uncle and his Niece running Full Family Portrait on ice Two Children Playing on ice Two brothers and their wives Candid Family Portraits in Forest Candid Family Portrait Laughing

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