Erica’s Bday Bash (Calgary Event’s Photographer)

I was hired as a Calgary Event’s photographer for the eccentric 40th birthday bash of Erica at Charbar restaurant. Since the opening of this restaurant in early 2015 it has been a go to venue for special occasions as well as their prestigious menu offerings.

I was really excited to shoot in this location as it was a re-furbished building turned anew with old and new elements coming together to make a perfect space to enjoy an experience. My favourite part of the whole venue is probably the wood beams that are incorporated everywhere. It was fun working with the space and incorporating them in the photos such as shooting through the glass panels.

The party was a lot of fun. All of the birthday girl’s closest friends and family joined her to celebrate a beautiful milestone in her life. Charbar catered the whole thing with an open sea food bar and taco bar. They created these ice sculptures that could pour your drink for you and cool it on the way down. I was very impressed with the level of quality Charbar presented for such an event.

Happy Birthday Erica and I am so happy I was able to be the Event photographer for your special day.

Venue: Charbar

Catering: Charbar

Photographer: Evolve Photography & Design

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