New Business Cards are Ready

Hey Evolve peeps,

I was able to finally do up my new cards with the new look of the website, with my new last name ( since I got married 2 years ago!). It was honestly about time I got new cards since I had to cross out my old last name and put my new one on all the cards with a permanent black market, can I say G-H-E-T-T-O. I still have a whole bunch of my old ones…What can I use them for? Maybe as a windshield scrapper in the winter or even as a toothpick when I don’t have floss handy. What am I ever going to do… Maybe I can start giving them out as prizes HA, and for you instead of $100 off your next photo-shoot you get my old crappy business cards congratulations! All jokes aside I am stoked and can’t wait to see how they turn out. I got a special something something on the back that I have never gotten on any of my cards before, wait for it *drumroll* FOIL. I know I am such a girl but seriously I think it’ll add that bit of necessary sparkle to make the whole look complete.

I hope everyone likes them, leave me some comments on Facebook and tell me your thoughts.

Ciao friends,
Business Cards

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