Inglewood Fam Jam (Calgary Family Photographer)

A beautiful family that I had the joy of photographing yet a second time! I got to take Christina and Evans wedding photos and now we have reunited again to take some family pictures.

They are such an awesome pair with such a cute little baby girl. I had honestly such a fun time with their family, because the love they each have for each other truly radiates. Evan and Christina are high school sweethearts and have been together for a very long time. Now thats a couple I can say have been through it all with one another, and that will stand the test of time. They inspire everyone around them to find a soulmate as they have found in one another. I couldn’t be happier that they trusted me a second time to take their photos. I am so blessed.

We took two separate mini shoots, one at the end of September and the other in the beginning of October. We had a private shoot with just C&E and Maddy, and then one accompanied by the rest of the family. The weather cooperated in both instances and we couldn’t have asked for better times to shoot.

Loved it

Thank you McDade family for trusting me once again, and I look forward to watching your beautiful family grow.

Your Calgary Family Photographer, Marta xoxo


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