Exuding Confidence (Calgary boudoir photographer)

I was referred A.W to me by a very dear friend and I couldn’t be happier for it. We hit it off the moment we started shooting together. I am also excited to share future shoots with this lady such as engagement and wedding.

I loved the house we shot in, which was the brides moms place. She decorated it in a very homey and cozy manor with beautiful furniture and finishings. The place set an amazing backdrop for the intimate nature of the shoot. I especially loved the bathroom which I was obsessed with and the master bedroom, which had fur eeeeek. Love fur so much.  The lighting was soft that day so when it came through the windows it was very muted.

So everything about A.W is beautiful. She is just an amazing person inside and out. Her down to earth personality made it really easy to shoot her as I was arranging her in all sorts of crazy positions. She is also very fitness focused and teaches spin twice a week at one of the local spin studios here in Calgary. Man you should see the legs on this girl, DAMN, I couldn’t stop looking. Those legs can be on display at a museum their so pretty. Anyway got carried away for a second.  I am so happy I met this girl and so excited for our future shoots. She is going to make one heck of a hot bride, and I am the lucky photographer that gets to shoot her;)


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