Exuding Confidence (Calgary boudoir photographer)

L.F’s boudoir was not just any boudoir shoot that I have ever shot. She wanted to surprise her boyfriend with the ultimate experience by telling him a secret location and the time to come meet her at, but little did he know what he was about to see. When he rang the doorbell L.F answered in her lingerie!!! Man the expression on K.F’s face was priceless. Biggest jaw drop I have personally ever seen. It was dragging on the floor until we got upstairs and told him it was his turn to work! His shirt did not stay on very long and we got them both doing a very steamy shoot. I wanted to capture the intimate nature of their relationship and got a lot of closeups of them being themselves. It was perfect because these two are just so into each other its like I didn’t exist. This lead to some really amazing pictures and moments shared between the two of them, and some very awesome frame-able pieces for the bedroom.

L.F was a pleasure to work with because she had this girl next door personality where she is super easy going but extremely cute & sexy at the same time. She was really owning the photo-shoot and I didn’t have to do much to show her what to do. She honestly took the reigns and just gave it all she had. So thank you so much for being a wicked model. I hope to work with you again;)


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