Exuding Confidence 2 (Calgary boudoir photographer)

I absolutely love photographing this lady. She is gorgeous both inside and out. With a bright and bubbly personality she really lights up the room with her presence. I am so happy to photograph her for a second time, and hope to photograph her more and more in the future. K & her husband just had a baby and thats how she looked just a few months after. I know right, I am thinking the same thing. Holy heck way to make the rest of us ladies jealous!

The day of the photo-shoot we had some nice ambient light coming in through the windows to give her that soft shadowing. It was just perfect, I love working with muted light because it gives a soft and subtle look to the photograph. It’s also easier to work with at times, as reflectors and flashes aren’t needed to bounce light around. I added a really subtle filter to the photographs by picking up the blacks and giving it a mono-tone feel. Its a style I am developing with all my photographs and will be focusing on from here on out.

Thank you so much K for being awesome as always, lets work together again soon!


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