Chelsea EP Release (Calgary creative modern photographer)

I am a Calgary creative modern photographer and focus on improving my process every time and delivering only the highest quality creative modern photography. I enjoy trying new things and really pushing the envelope. This photoshoot was different than some of the others I have shot because I relied heavily on my external camera flashes for lighting. I wanted something super editorial so getting the right lighting was key.

I got the pleasure of working with this beauty for her self-promotional photos for her new EP Release. Chelsea had an idea for a location and that the photos needed to have an overall blue tint to them, but other than that the photo-shoot was completely up for interpretation. When we got started the whole process ran so smoothly. She was a fantastic client and really allowed me to pursue my creative passions by trusting me and my process. The location was set in beautiful confederation park in the NW of Calgary. The weather couldn’t have worked out better for us with the sun warming our faces and the crisp fall air in our lungs.

Thank you so much Chelsea and good luck on your album! I cant wait to possibly shoot with you again. xoxo

01_Chelsea_Promo 02_Chelsea_Promo 03_Chelsea_Promo 04_Chelsea_Promo 05_Chelsea_Promo 06_Chelsea_Promo 07_Chelsea_Promo 08_Chelsea_Promo 09_Chelsea_Promo 10_Chelsea_Promo 11_Chelsea_Promo 12_Chelsea_Promo

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