A&M-Boho Wedding (Calgary destination photographer)

I got to shoot this Boho Wedding in beautiful Bragg Creek, AB as a Calgary destination photographer.

I met this absolutely gorgeous couple through a mutual friend of ours and am so happy I was able to capture such an amazing wedding day. These two are the definition of love. They inspire people around them in the utmost positive way. I am glad I was able to be there for one of the most important moments they will together share. Extremely Humbled.

The wedding day couldn’t have worked out better. I drove out to Bragg Creek to this amazing farm property that had 2-3 different lodges. The guys were staying in the one lodge and the bride and her girls were in the other one. We had a blast joking around and goofing off before the nuptials, it was so relaxed no nervousness was apparent at all. I took the rings and was looking for some prime ring shot locations and then I saw a grasshopper jump in front of us. We looked up what a grasshopper meant in a marriage and it embodied longevity, happiness, long health, and good luck. I thought to myself what better symbol to use than this. My husband was holding the grasshopper just over the rings and when I gave the sign we dropped him as fast as we could and snapped the pic. It worked out great and you can see the image below:) Than we were on our way to Cobble Flats in the heart of Kananaski’s to photograph the ceremony.

The ceremony was heartfelt and absolutely beautiful with the location being in between mountain ranges. As the bride walked down the isle,  the first look between A&M made me wheep behind the camera lens. Their eyes and hearts were full of love and were ready to become husband and wife. When they met goosebumps ran through my entire body and gave me a fluttery feeling in my stomache, like that moment you crush on someone for the first time and you get butterflies. Once the ceremony was finished these two shared a long smooch and walked down the isle. Except this wasn’t like any isle walk I have ever experienced. These two stopped halfway looked at each other and shared a long moment together. Taking each other in and appreciating this union between each other. At that moment the goosebumps came back and the tears started to roll. 😛 I am such an emotional wreck hehe.

We headed back to the farm for family photos and connection photos. The property was so wonderful as it had so many different backdrops to it. We were able to shoot in a field with a gorgeous tree line in the background, a fantastic bright red barn, a pile of chopped wood, and the prairie fields. This gave me a lot to work with and a good mix of photos. The best part was leading these two. I barely did anything they were so pre-occupied with each other it was so easy to take photos of them. The photos were natural and easy as their love for each other is.

This was my last couple of the season and it ended my 2015 wedding season with a bang! I am so humbled and happy to have worked with such amazing couples this year and look forward to following their love.

Thank you to the rest of these vendors for making this wedding as amazing as it was:

Photography: Me at Evolve Photography & Design

Ceremony Location: Cobble Flats

Reception Location: Bragg Creek Community Centre

Dress: Sonia’s Bridal

Groom’s Attire: Coppley Store

Cake: Simple Simon Pies 

Catering: The Main Dish

Makeup: Karla Fernandez

Hair: Mandy Alston

Flowers: Divine Creations

Stationary: Shelly Wright

Commissioner: Julie Ann Derer


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